Who we are

WORLD CHEFS ACADEMY is an 'Academy of Higher Education and Professional specialization dedicated to the world of food and haute cuisine.

The courses WORLD CHEFS ACADEMY are addressed to an audience both National and International. The requirements to participate are a deep passion and a strong motivation.

Through different training courses, in fact, WORLD CHEFS ACADEMY Academy is the first in Italy to popularize science gastronomic high-level addressing not only to professionals, but also to lovers who aspire to transform their aspirations in a job.

WORLD CHEFS ACADEMY, to ensure  its students the chance to become real professionals in the field, has studied high-level programs made by renowned teachers. through which  offer a complete and integrated training that will teach them not only the simple execution of dish, but also to understand it: to know the origin of the food, their chemical composition, the importance of quality raw materials and appearance of the healthy same, the right perception of the taste of food, the most advanced techniques and the wisdom traditions

In addition, the toolkit of techniques is accompanied by a preparation for teamwork to give pupils safety in dealing with the inclusion in a work environment and a period of practical training at selected facilities in Italy and worldwide.

WORLD CHEFS ACADEMY is the first academy  in Italy to have included in its training projects:

a) INTERNATIONAL CULINARY TRAINING - a fascinating journey aimed at knowledge of raw materials and cooking techniques from the most different areas of the world

b) TRAINING IN CULINARY NUTRITION - The course aims to create a training program aimed at further increasing knowledge in the field of nutrition therapy and to provide participants with the latest updates on therapeutic and prevention of diseases related to nutrition.

c) ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRAINING - intensive English language specifically designed for future professionals of the food that need to acquire a more technical vocabulary

d) APPLIED COMPUTER TRAINING - The course aims: providing knowledge and training skills needed to adapt to the changing industry of Food also booming from a technological point of view.

WORLD CHEFS ACADEMY is headquartered in Rome, in the splendid setting of a prestigious villa of the '600 overlooking Rome and has classrooms equipped with the most innovative professional equipment.