World Chef Program

Upon successful completion of Path 3 or 4 and you wish to pursue a training program abroad to enhance your skills and to improve the knowledge of a foreign language, you will eligible to continue your training and to have direct access to a post-graduate course. An adequate knowledge of the English or Spanish language is required.

Located in Sant Pol de Mar on the Maresme coast (30 minutes from Barcellona), the Sant Pol de Mar School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (EUHT St POL) is a pioneering educational platform in Europe and a point of reference for the training of managers in the fields of hospitality, catering and Spanish and European haute cuisine. It is a “Hotel-School” in which students can train and work from day one with real customers. The EUHT offers world-renowned teaching programs; as well as Masters as mention below:

  • The Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management is addressed to industry professionals and students with previous studies in gastronomy. Duration: 8 months, from October to June, besides from 3 to 6 professional internship in the industry. It includes five modules, besides the Final Project of the Master and a professional internship:


  • Module 1: Kitchen Management and Administration.
  • Module 2: Good Practices in Treating Products and Application of Culinary Techniques.
  • Module 3: Creativity and Innovation in the Kitchen.
  • Module 4: Cooking for Events.
  • Module 5: Baking and Pastry for Restaurants.

Master in Hospitality Management

  • Specialization courses:
  • Kitchen management and administration;
  • Knowledge of products and culinary techniques;
  • Creativity and innovation in the kitchen;
  • Cooking for events;
  • Bakery and Pastrymaking for restaurant)
  • Summer courses

Thanks to the cooperation between World Chef Academy and EUHT St POL, students can benefit from professional development and management practices in different countries and be more competitive in the job market.


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