Professional courses

The 1st course which aims to create a training program aimed at further increasing knowledge in the field of nutrition therapy and to provide participants with the latest updates on therapeutic and preventive nutrition-related diseases.

According to the World Health Organization, proper nutrition and health are considered fundamental human rights, strongly correlated and integrated. The health status of populations, both rich or poor, the planet is heavily influenced by the level and quality of nutrition. A proper diet is a valuable preventive tool for many diseases as it is a basic element for the development and maintenance of individual and social welfare. In virtue of this, the CHEF OF THE FUTURE will consider all aspects of nutrition, nutrition and dietetics for specialized training and complete in accordance with training in nutrition therapy applied.

The purpose is, therefore, to investigate the application of modern knowledge Food Science and for achieving and maintaining good health and "well-being" of the people, and for a concrete knowledge of nutrition and its physiological conditions pathological.

It will be possible, in line with scientific progress, to acquire knowledge relating to issues in evolution, such as the use of antioxidants and quality raw materials to act on prevention and on the lines therapeutic diets explicable to the lifestyle in the most common diseases.

All courses have weekly tests and verification of progressive learning