Professional Courses

The Professional Course PASTRY is aimed at those who aspire to become professionals and intend to build, from the fundamentals, adequate training

The professional courses of pastry WORLD CHEFS ACADEMY are CLOSED NUMBER (maximum 9/11 participants)

To access professional courses you need to take an interview and selection at our office (also via SKYPE for non-residents) in order to assess the real motivation of candidates.

The students - according to their future aspirations - can choose the duration of the studies and then the program and its related insights.

The training courses offered are 3:

1) PATH 1
2) PATH 2
3) PATH 3*

* (This level of training is the only accredited dual national and international recognition, with the possibility of paid internships in various continents)

The lessons - totally practical - are held within our classrooms with individual cooking stations and complete with all the necessary equipment to ensure students the necessary space and autonomy in work and are taught by professional confectioners, academics and Italian and internationally renowned experts.

Educational Program Professional Course Pastry


1) HACCP : principles and monitoring procedures of the entire food production chain for food safety.

Health and Safety in catering and hospitality


2) Food chemistry: bromatology

•Nutrients and anti-nutrients.

•Foods: categories, seasonality and nutritional values.


3) The Pastry Lab

•History of Baking and Pastry Cooking.

•Pastry equipments and tools.

•Types of Desserts.


4) Menu Planning, Food Costs and Pricing

•Key criteria when designing a menu.

•The role of the Domestic Bursar: purchasing, stock control and financial management.

•Product and recipe Data Sheets.

•Menu for vegans and raw foodists.


5) Food Allergies and Food Intolerance


6) Basics of pastry

•Basic types of pastry: shortcrust pastry, choux pastry, sponge cake, puff pastry and biscuit.

•Pastry and Dessert Fillings.

•Syrups (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic).


7) Types of Foam Cakes

•Sponge cakes, Pan di Spagna, Biscuit, Roulades, Dacquoise, Muffins, etc.

• Types of Meringues: French, Swiss and Italian.


8) Modern Cakes and modern culinary technology

• Rational ovens, roner, pacojet, the vacuum.


9) The breakfast

•The breakfast in luxury hotels in the world.


•The coffee break.


10) Senses Patisserie


11) Bakery products: Italian & French croissants, Danish pastries, bombe ...


12) Classic Italian desserts

•Classic desserts that have made the history of Italian pastries and how they have evolved to date.


13) International Desserts

•Overview of the techniques and fundamentals of traditional desserts.

•France: Croquembouche, Tarte Tatin, Finacier.

•Austria: Sacher Tort , Strudel.

•Spain: Catalan Cream, Churros.

•Catalan cream, churros.

•The United States: Donuts, Pancakes, Brownies.


14) Gelato, parfait and mousse



Registration requirements :

•Recommended minimum age : 18 years old.

•Strong motivation and passion for food.

•Succeed at the interview.

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